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Внутренний твердотельный накопитель SATA 3 OWC Mercury Electra 3G 240 GB

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Артикул: OWCSSD7E3G240
Производитель: OWC
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Производитель: OWC
Описание товара

Краткое описание

OWC Mercury Electra 3G 240 GB Internal Solid State Drive SATA 3

Подробное описание

When only the fastest and most reliable Solid State Drive on the market today will suffice for your data storage and backup, look no further than the OWC 240GB Mercury Electra 3G SSD.

The Mercury SSD line features:

•DuraWrite™ extends the endurance of your Solid State Drive (SSD).
•Intelligent Block Management & Wear Leveling automatically distributes data evenly across the entire SSD.
•Intelligent Read Disturb Management spreads the active read/write across the flash components eliminating data corruption caused by constant use.
•Intelligent "Recycling" for advanced free space management gradually re-writes data across the SSD over time to ensure data never gets corrupted.
•RAISE™ (Redundant Array of Independent Silicon Elements) protects the data on your drive similar to having a RAID setup.
•Best-in-Class ECC Protection for longest data retention and drive life

•240GB Mercury Electra 3G SSD

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